Why You Should Work with Ron Clary for College Planning and Sports Recruiting
Ron Clary is the founder of Plan Smart for College.com.  Whereas some advisors dabble in college planning, Ron is a pure specialist dedicated exclusively to this field of planning. 

Some of Ron's credentials are:
  • Certified College Planning Specialist, CCPS.  This designation signifies that Ron has completed rigorous hours of training to become a qualified specialist.  Advanced continuing education is required in order to maintain this designation.  There is only one other CCPS in all of southwest Virginia.

  • Member of the National Institute of Certified College Planners.  NICCP is dedicated to educating specialists in the field of college funding/planning.  Ron has daily regimen of current updates and education related to college planning. 

  • Member of an elite group of planners referred to as "College Doctors".  The planners are trained on how to use a set of sophisticated planning tools for clients to look at the college planning process from hundreds of vantage points. 

Ron has dedicated himself to be known as an "expert" in this arena of college planning.  He has performed as a financial planning professional since the late 70's.  He was one of the initial members of the International Association of Financial Planners in Virginia.  Ron was a nationally known Pre-Retirement Planning Specialist in the 1980's and 90's conducting seminars and executive consultations nationally for General Electric; he also taught at four universities in Arizona and conducted pre-retirement seminars for the largest hospitals and utility companies in the state.  Ron's knowledge of
the retirement arena will pay your family dividends when developing college planning strategies.
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Ron Clary is the Athlete Recruiting Consultant in southwest and central Virginia for College Prospects of America (CPOA).  College Prospects of America was founded in 1986 and has helped over 40,000 families!  CPOA is THE most respected sports marketing service for high school student-athletes throughout the world. 

Ron consults with families to make sure they are taking advantage of all their college possibilities.  Ron will also oversee Recruiting Consultants to make sure they are trained and actively working with client athletes. Ron's experience in both sports and college planning give Ron's clients a huge advantage in their college search and recruiting process.

Ron Clary grew up in small town in southwest Virginia.  Sports were huge part of the daily life for Ron and along with his 6 older brothers and sisters.  Ron's father worked as an Associate-Scout in pro baseball for 35 years, coached semi-pro teams for over 20 years, sponsored tournaments and was given a life-time achievement award for his contributions.  Three of Ron's older brothers played college sports and two continued in coaching at the high school and college ranks.  Ron was a D-III multiple-sport athlete before ending his career with an injury.  Coaching has been an integral part of Ron's life having roamed the basketball sidelines for over 20 years in high school, middle school, and AAU in Arizona and Virginia; a 1999 team won the 17 year old D-1 AAU National Championship.  Ron was a coach and key associate of the prestigious Arizona Elite Girls Basketball Club from 1997-1999, during that time 34 players received college scholarships; 9 other former players received scholarships after his departure to Virginia.

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