Increasing Financial Aid Awards
In our Free College Planning Review we can identify numerous ways to help you increase your financial aid awards, more often than not we can save you thousands!  Did you know that investing money in the wrong places could count against you by as much as 7 times more than money saved in the right places!  We will calculate many "what if" scenarios to show you the very best ways to maximize your financial aid awards.  Our initial review is free so it costs you nothing to find out if we can help.  The U.S. Department of Education states that the Federal Government provided over $106 billion in financial aid last year alone; we want to make sure that you take full advantage of what is being offered.

Providing Students the Tools to Help Determine a Career Path and In Turn Choose the Best Available College
60% of students select a college because their friends or relatives went there or because they have a football team that plays on tv.  Students need to have a goal when entering college.  A study conducted by the US Department of Education and American College Testing shows 51% of US college students entering four year colleges will transfer or dropout.  Of these:
  • 30% will transfer to another college and change their major
  • 20% transfer twice or more and take over six years to graduate
  • 51% drop out completely!
These students end up wasting thousands or tens of thousands of dollars; they accumulate large debts for themselves and their families.  Sadly, many of them never obtain a degree.

We believe we have found one of the very best programs available to help your child to get focused on a career and motivated to do well in college; you'll be glad to know it is very inexpensive.

If you feel that your student child is not disciplined enough to sit down and work through the program then we can suggest a program where a former admissions officer consults your child in a very involved process.  The results are terrific!

Maximizing SAT Scores to Create More College Options
Another reason some students select colleges is that it is their only option available.  Increasing your grades and SAT scores will give you many more options for attending college.  We have done the research for you and have services that provide amazing results!

Reducing College Expenses
We will show you many ways to reduce your college expenses during our review! 

Creating "Tax Scholarships"
If you own a business or rental properties, we can show you various ways to tax deduct tuition payments, lower your taxes, and reduce the cost of college.

If you have a high income or high net worth we can show you strategies to reduce taxes and pay for college with dollars previously going to Uncle Sam.  We can help you make sure you are paying for college in the most efficient manner.

Evaluating Grandparent Contributions
65% of grandparents are now contributing to helping pay for college.  Our evaluation will make sure they are not reducing financial aid awards or increasing taxes.  Each year millions of dollars are lost due to poor planning decisions.

Assisting with FAFSA Forms
The Federal Government has indicated that the January 2010 FAFSA Forms may be much easier to complete than in the past.  Currently the form has 153 questions and is quite complicated.  The Obama administration is considering dropping 29 questions and possibly allowing an online link to tax information.  We will complete a pre-FAFSA review as part of our college planning review so you should have a good idea of your expected award at specific universities.  If you find the upcoming FAFSA Form is still too confusing and your high school guidance counselor is not available for assistance then we can help.  Just be sure that you allow us to conduct a pre-FAFSA review as soon as possible to make sure you are maximizing your financial aid award.

Appealing Financial Aid Awards
Sometimes families have unusual circumstances that can not be indicated on the FAFSA forms.  We can assist you in writing an amendment request to your potential college financial officer in order to maximize your financial aid awards.

Reviewing Academic Strategies
We leave no stone unturned.  We make sure that you are taking advantage of all opportunities to get college credits and reduce your costs in the meantime.

Assistance with Writing Admissions Essays
Many colleges place a very high importance on your Admissions Essays.  There are hundreds or thousands of students vying to get into the same colleges as you.  Many students may have almost identical grades, SAT Scores, and high school sports and school activities.  Admissions Officers will then use the Admissions Essay to make that final acceptance decision.  We will provide you with a service that provides an incomparable service.  Click here for details.

Sharing a Scholarship Search Service rated by Forbes and CNN as the "Best on the Web" and "Trusted"
This service will give you the best opportunity to obtain a scholarship.  You must be very careful about online scholarship scams.  Every year several hundred thousand families are scammed, losing over $100 million annually.  Click here for details.

Assisting Athletes Who Want to Play College Sports
If you are qualified, we can help you to get an athletic scholarship or to get a better financial package to play your sport in college.  Go to Play College Sport to learn more.
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Your Financial Aid (FAFSA) forms should be completed in early January.

Act Now - Our Free College Planning Review Could Save You Thousands!

Parents should not overlook completing the FAFSA forms.  The federal government stated last year that over one million families did not complete FAFSA form even though they would have qualified for financial aid. 
Not only will you miss out on need based financial aid but many universities will not consider giving merit aid if you have not completed the form.  It is assumed that these parents can easily pay for the education and don't need aid of any type. 

Be Sure To Get a College Planning Review Soon as Some Strategies Take Time to Implement
  Our financial strategies could get qualified for assistance you never expected.
  • Making a few adjustments now could create thousands of dollars in new found financial aid or reduced college expenses.  Finding ways to create financial assistance is more common than not.
  • In addition, if you are self-employed or own rental property then we may be able to help you create "tax scholarships" so that money you were paying in taxes now could be used to pay your child's education. 
  • Over 55% of grandparents are now giving assistance to their grandchildren for college.  It is critical that these funds be handled correctly as it could cost a major reduction in financial aid and cause unwarranted tax implications.
  • There are many more ways our strategies can save you big dollars for college.  Letting us review your situation may be THE best investment you every made!

Call us for a free consultation.  But again, don't wait...January is fast approaching!

Having the desire, the right attitude, the grades, and even the ability to play in college may not be enough.

You MUST get the attention of college coaches in order to be recruited!
You may or may not be good enough to get a scholarship but you'll never know if coaches don't find out about you.  If you are qualified, we'll make sure hundreds of coaches know about you.

If you really love to play your sport but you're not quite ready for the D-I or D-II level  of competition then we can still help you! 
Many D-III players actually pay less than partial-scholarship athletes due to pre-planning for financial aid and merit scholarships. 
We will help you create multiple college opportunities so that you can choose the best option. 

We can help you:
  • play the sport you love
  • drastically reduce your  college expenses
  • attend a college that meets your career aspirations

Do You Want to Play College Sports?
If you are qualified, I Want to Play College Sports.com can get you there.
Sobering Facts:

  • The cost of college has increased by 50% in the last ten years, five times the rate of inflation.

  • The U. S. Department of Education shows the projected costs for colleges in fall 2010 as follows: $17,400 for public schools, $31,700 for private colleges, and $48,000 for elite private colleges.  Therefore, the cost of four years of undergraduate college could range from $69,600 up to $192,000! 

  • Most money invested for college and payments toward college are made with "after-tax" dollars.  This means most parents or students will need to earn from 10% to 45% more "before taxes" to pay for college expenses.  In addition, college costs have been rising approximately 5% per year.  These added factors can skyrocket the cost of college another 30% to 65%.  Even further, if borrowing money for college then the interest on those loans should also be factored into the total cost.

  • 51% of college students do not finish at the college they entered as freshmen.

  • Only 18% of undergrads complete college within 4 years.

  • Over half of undergraduate students are still in school after 6 years.

The U.S. Department of Education recently stated that the average undergraduate now takes over 6 years to finish college.  "Joe Average" or his family is spending a lot more (up to 50% more) than his parents or financial planners probably projected.  These increased costs should be a MAJOR CONCERN!  It is very easy to see why you would want to take every possible opportunity to reduce your child's cost of college.  The reality is that only a very small percentage of families take full advantage of college planning and education funding strategies to:

  • Obtain Financial Aid, Merit Awards, and Scholarships
  • Increase Financial Aid Awards
  • Reduce Time Spent in College
  • Significantly Lower The Cost of College

We can help you create "Tax Scholarships" for
Business Owners, Rental Property Owners, and even Grandparents!

If you are divorced or separated, contact us first to make sure your child isn't being affected by poor planning!

If you don't like the idea of giving away thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars
and you are concerned about how to pay for college, then
you should contact us to "Plan Smart for College!"
You should work with a Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS)

The CCPS designation means this person is a financial planner who is trained on the intricate details of helping your family prepare for college.   A Certified College Planning Specialist can help you save and pay for College without sacrificing your current lifestyle or retirement!  Unlike most financial advisors who are generalists, we focuses ONLY on this specific area of financial planning.  Our CCPS can use hundreds of different strategies to help you reduce the high cost of college.
Creative Strategies to Help You Plan For and Reduce the Cost of College
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